2023 Meal Trends from FreshRealm

November 1, 2022

As the grocery industry continues to evolve, 2023 offers an opportunity to engage shoppers through an omnichannel approach with meals, flavors and experiences that can be ownable to grocers - and gain mindshare with shoppers. The culinary, marketing and sales experts at FreshRealm, a leading provider of fresh meals for the grocery industry, share their hot takes on the five trends that we know are important to you in  the coming year.

The Redefinition of Value

The cost of groceries is on the minds of just about every shopper - and retailer. And with inflation as a continued variable, the conversation and mindset will shift from the cost of groceries to the value that items add to your cart and dinner table. Offerings that bring nutritional creds, are made from good ingredients and appeal to the whole family will provide real value to shoppers.

The Democratization - and Personalization - of Spice

Spicy foods are gaining share-of-stomach with consumers on a national level. Shoppers are taking risks when it comes to the amount of heat in the meals they love - and it's all over the scoville scale. Most importantly, it’s all about personalization, with consumers wanting to dial-up - or down - how much spice is in their dish and sauces and condiments offer the perfect opportunity to bring the heat.

Flavor Experiences for a New Generation of Shoppers

According to a recent Deal Aid study, a staggering 88% of Gen Z purchase groceries in-store - and they’re all about new flavor experiences. And with new fusion of global flavors having a moment - offerings that bring together bold cuisines, like Peruvian, into formats consumers love, like bowls, will tip the culinary scales for Gen Z shoppers.

Brick and Mortar’s Return to Dominance

While there’s no doubt consumers - and retailers - are taking an omni-channel approach to grocery shopping, the in-store experience matters with nine in 10 households’ principal shoppers saying they buy their groceries mostly in-store, according to an Advantage Sales study. In 2023, the in-store experience will matter even more - with groceries vying for share-of-basket by creating offerings that are focused on meal solutions for today’s busy consumer who’s increasing their frequency of store visits.

The Great Lunch Debate

Consumers are going back to work - and many are taking a hybrid approach to going into the office. This shift creates a challenge and an opportunity for grocers to create meal solutions for consumers who want a quick meal solution that’s not curated at the drive-thru window. Grocers can gain an edge for this daypart with quick and easy ready-to-eat and read-to-heat options - and branding will be huge in order to drive mindshare with shoppers.

FreshRealm is working with grocers nationwide to create fresh ready-to-eat and ready-to-heat meals and meal kits that are on-trend with what consumers want today. As a company that’s built on supply chain and operational excellence and deep experience in marketing and design, FreshRealm can work to create meals and experiences that resonate with shoppers and their lifestyle.

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