Complete meals for Everyday

We strive to inspire a moment of pause and nourishment in every household — whether it’s a meal for one or for the whole family, and it begins on your shelves.

Ready to cook

Our vibrant Ready-to-Cook meals can be made in the oven or stovetop in about 20 minutes with minimal effort and cleanup. Meals include top-grade meat and seafood products.

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Ready to heat

Our delicious Ready-to-Heat meals can be microwaved and ready in 2-3 minutes with no effort or cleanup required. Our Family Meal options in this category offer larger portions with the same ease as our single-serve meals and are ready in 6-7 minutes.

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Meal kits

Our chef-tested meals have been planned and prepped so consumers can add their own flair in the kitchen. Meals can be easily brought to life using simple instructions and using a standard oven, stovetop or crockpot. 

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Why Our Meals?


Our team uses its deep fresh food expertise to create a portfolio of meals with value for your consumers.


We are on the forefront with a broad range of ingredients and develop meals that excel in taste, price, quality and value. 


We believe in continual product development. With a pulse on food trends, we keep our assortment fresh while maintaining core catalogs.

Our consumer tested,
retail-ready solution

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the table

We’ve created a branded solution to address
consumers’ desire for simplified meals and to inspire
them to elevate their everyday meal experience

Your brand, with our meal expertise

Private Label

Based on our deep expertise we have the ability to provide private label solutions. Through integrated partnerships in every channel of grocery retail, FreshRealm delivers on partners’ need for prepared meals.