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We all know we need to eat more fresh food. The problem is, the existing food system is built mainly for ultra-processed foods, lacking the systems, services and infrastructure to support fresh food at scale. This is where FreshRealm comes in. We fill that gap.

Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO


FreshRealm is the most optimized fresh food platform in the world, powering the food industry to deliver fresh food to everyone, every day, everywhere

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FreshRealm leadership

Michael Lippold

FOUNDER AND CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER—A leader in the fresh food and meal industries with a focus on short shelf life perishable foods, strategic development and financial economics.

“I am most proud of my family and love every moment I get to spend with them. My wife and our four kids are an eclectic and creative group, with each person doing what they can to make a positive impact in the world.”

Snow Le

PRESIDENT—An esteemed executive and Board Member at FreshRealm since 2022, she holds invaluable expertise in organizational development within corporate, venture capital and private equity.

“Every weekend, my awesome husband, and our six lively kids try to get together and hang out as a family. We kick back, relax together, and make some lasting memories.”

Saloni Varma

CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER—With over two decades of experience spanning both public and private sectors, she possesses a global perspective and versatile mindset. Her multidisciplinary expertise within strategy, operations, and execution drives innovation and sustainable growth for the company.

“I am most proud of my amazing kids and my husband and our bucket list of visiting all the national parks in the USA.”

Stacey Wallace

CHIEF SUPPLY CHAIN OFFICER—An accomplished executive with expertise in generating substantial cost reductions across multi-billion-dollar business sectors. She drives our company’s fresh supply chain, planning, and fulfillment functions, further optimizing a best-in-class infrastructure.

“When I’m not working I love to ski and mountain bike, with and without our kids. Next up is a ski trip to Japan.”

Rob Law

CHIEF REVENUE OFFICER—A transformative design focused leader who disrupts the status quo and meets untapped consumer needs. He actively leads the development of the company’s expansion plans while continually innovating the product set.

“I love to spend time with my 3 kids. I’m also an urban beekeeper as a hobby; they are such a critical part of maintaining food security. I’d like to see a healthy future for my children, assuming I survive their teenage years!”

Katherine Prime

CHIEF DEVELOPMENT AND MARKETING OFFICER—Seasoned leader most energized by disruption and transformation, creating value, and building scalable businesses. Her laser-focus on creative corporate development, marketing, and growth propels our impact on the industry.

“I am both most proud of and most humbled by my twin kids, who are more awesome than I will ever be and share my passion for NY bagels, which are the best in the world.”

Neill King

CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER—An adept leader who leverages decades of expertise in perishable food production to effectively manage all aspects of organizational operations. His pivotal role ensures the company’s national infrastructure operates efficiently, effectively, and meets strategic goals.

“I performed on stage singing in musicals from the time I was 9 until I turned 14.”

Kirstan Terlet

CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER—Strategic and results-driven Human Resources Executive with 25+ years’ experience driving and inspiring organizational excellence.

“I am most proud that my husband is my best friend and of the home and life we have built and continue to share with our friends and family. A monthly glamping trip throughout California with my hubby and dogs is my happy time!”

Sven Ukatz

VICE PRESIDENT, BUSINESS SYSTEMS—A trusted leader who facilitates company wide improvements through analysis of organizational effectiveness and execution of improvements to achieve bottom line benefit. His deep expertise in Business Systems and Operational Excellence ensures the strength of the organization.

“I am blessed with an amazing wife, four great kids, our fur babies and my awesome father. We enjoy just hanging out and having fun together being in each other’s company.”


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