We’re a Fresh Meals company, and that’s all we do

We’re focused on where consumers shop every day—at retail. With a fresh perspective, we partner with retailers to elevate meal offerings into tomorrow’s fresh meal destinations.


We have a responsibility to make fresher food in order to impact people’s lives. We believe fresh meals foster the ritual of meal time. When families eat together, they each experience greater emotional well-being.

With almost a decade of experience we are at the forefront of a full evolution of fresh meals. I believe that food is the foundation to each and every one of us. At FreshRealm, we strive to carry that importance in every fresh meal.

Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO

A complete meals
solution provider

Founded in 2013 as a DTC company, we’ve since had many learnings as a company that we’ve incorporated into our foundation. Along the way, we have built relationships with retailers, grown our expertise in meal development, expanded our meal assortment offering from meal kits into Ready to Cook and Ready to Heat Meals, and grown our marketing capabilities.

What we bring to the table

Our People

From our facilities to our leadership, our people are the heart of FreshRealm.


We’re on a continuous journey to source the best products to create unforgettable meals. 


We seamlessly sync with your outbound logistics to deliver upon our promise of 24 hours Just-In-Time delivery.


Our 360-degree marketing approach enhances sales and marketing efforts in and out of store.

We Think Regionally
and Deliver Nationally

National Reach

We’ve expanded our operational facilities to create 100 Million fresh meals annually to address growing consumer and retail demand.

Regional Focus

Our new state-of-the-art facilities deliver better quality control and rapid line expansion to ensure we can produce the freshest meals at scale.

Expertise from all parts of the food chain

Our Fresh Food Collaborative

Michael Lippold

Founder and Chief Executive Officer—Leader in the fresh food industry with a focus on short shelf life perishable foods, strategic development and financial economics.

“I am most proud of my family home, which we have nicknamed the funky beach house. Our crew is an eclectic and creative group that chooses to make a positive impact in the world.”

Jim Catchot

Chief Commercialization Officer—Fresh food industry expert who has embedded sales and marketing into the FreshRealm culture, and maximizes revenue to lead product innovation and national launches.

“I’m most proud of my daughters, but I also love my hobbies: I love to go steelhead and duck hunting, and I’m a retired open wheel race car driver.”

Derek Anguilm

Chief Financial Officer—Strategically leads to create value for the company. His institutional management background ensures business decisions are grounded in solid financial standards.

“One of my talents is coaching youth basketball and helping young kids break a full court press.”

Neill King

Chief Operations Officer—Deftly combines perishable food production knowledge and supply chain management while overseeing all organization operations.

“I performed on stage singing in musicals from the time I was 9 until I turned 14.”

Nicole Desir

EVP Brand and Communications—Amplifies FreshRealm as an organization while driving awareness for private label and branded programs in both consumer and trade media outlets and in national retail channels. 

“The important thing for me is finding joy in every day.  I’m gonna find laughter along this ride!”

Andy Hess

EVP Supply Chain—Specializes in ingredient optimization and supply chain sourcing within our “just-in-time” model and short shelf life perishable food operations.

“My three hobbies are The Kentucky Trifecta…Horses, Bourbon and Basketball.”

James Naaman

EVP Sales—Food industry expert who fosters key retail relationships and forward-thinking partnerships for the organization while aligning with current and future market trends.

“One of my specialties in the kitchen is my Grandmother’s recipe for Sour Cream Coffee Cake.”

Heather Ronnow

EVP People—A people-centric leader with expertise in manufacturing, service and distribution businesses who passionately pursues equity of opportunity in education, training and employment.

“My best memory is hiking across the lava flow and camping at Apua Point, Big Island, HI, with my husband and our son at 6 years old.”

Andy Whitty

EVP Operations—Analyzes nationwide operations and upholds product management standards to include, quality, organizational safety, food safety, and outbound logistics.

“I’m most proud of being a Veteran, and going to sea at the age of just seventeen yrs old!”

Andy Legge

VP New Product Development—Chilled food industry professional with extensive R&D and Commercialization experience in both the UK and USA overseeing our dynamic pipeline and driving a broad range of complex products to market.

“Some fun facts about me: I’ve backpacked around the world, I lived in Kenya for a while as a kid, I’m a keen fly fisherman and I’m most proud of my granddaughter (she’s a smart cookie for a 4 year old).”

Stephanie McKeown

VP Quality and Food Safety—Seasoned Food Safety and Quality Assurance expert across agriculture and short shelf life food, supporting standards for FreshRealm’s products and national network of facilities.

“I am a big dancer – I love to dance at weddings, parties, etc…”


Won’t You Join Us?

If you are looking to build the future of fresh meals, are growth minded, thrive in an entrepreneurial environment and ready to work with the country’s largest retailers and industry leaders that care for each other and their communities, FreshRealm may be a fit for you.