Success through our partners

Our partners’ success is our success. Everything we do enables our customers to bring fresh food to their consumers.


With almost a decade of experience we are at the forefront of a full evolution of fresh meals. I believe that food is the foundation to each and every one of us. At FreshRealm, we strive to carry that importance in every fresh meal.

Michael Lippold, Founder & CEO

The future of fresh
meals is here

Our product and services
serve a surging market

The demand for fresh meals among consumers and food service providers is significant.

Our solutions are built for
scale, speed, and profitability

Direct-to-consumer, food service, hospitality, and retail businesses are experiencing food and labor inflation making food operations financially unsustainable.

Our platform is built for
short-shelf-life fresh

Companies and retailers aren’t built for short-shelf-life food and are challenged to keep up.

Fresh distribution done right

National reach

We’ve expanded our operational facilities to create 100 Million fresh meals annually to address growing consumer and retail demand.

Regional focus

Our new state-of-the-art facilities deliver better quality control and rapid line expansion to ensure we can produce the freshest meals at scale.

Expertise from all parts of the food chain

FreshRealm leadership

Michael Lippold

Founder and Chief Executive Officer—Leader in the fresh food industry with a focus on short shelf life perishable foods, strategic development and financial economics.

“I am most proud of my family home, which we have nicknamed the funky beach house. Our crew is an eclectic and creative group that chooses to make a positive impact in the world.”

Snow Le

President—Snow Le has served as a Board Member at FreshRealm since 2022. As an esteemed executive, she holds invaluable expertise in organizational development within corporate, venture capital and private equity.

“Every weekend, my awesome husband, and our six lively kids try to get together and hang out as a family. We kick back, relax together, and make some lasting memories.”

Neill King

Chief Operations Officer—Deftly combines perishable food production knowledge and supply chain management while overseeing all organization operations.

“I performed on stage singing in musicals from the time I was 9 until I turned 14.”

Rob Law

Chief Revenue Officer—A transformative design focused leader who disrupts the status quo and meets untapped consumer needs. Leads the development of the company’s expansion plans while continually innovating the product set.

“I love to spend time with my 3 kids. I’m also an urban beekeeper as a hobby; they are such a critical part of maintaining food security. I’d like to see a healthy future for my children, assuming I survive their teenage years!”

Derek Anguilm

Chief Financial Officer—Strategically leads to create value for the company. His institutional management background ensures business decisions are grounded in solid financial standards.

“One of my talents is coaching youth basketball and helping young kids break a full court press.”


Won’t you join us?

If you are looking to build the future of fresh meals, are growth minded, and ready to work with industry leaders, FreshRealm may be a fit for you.