We’re passionate
about fresh meals

We believe we’re all connected through meals.
In an ever-changing world, FreshRealm partners
with leading retailers to provide meal solutions,
and to deliver the very best experience
to their consumers.

A bold vision
for fresh

Fresh meals in store are more than a retail product — they are a reliable and convenient dining-out solution for consumers everyday.

Through passionate collaboration and industry-leading guidance, we’re your partner in bringing your vision for fresh meals to life.

Enliven your prepared
meal offering

Ready to Feed
Consumer Demand?

The fresh meals category is seeing unprecedented growth – increasing by 15.4% in 2020, driven by consumer desire for minimal effort meals. With category sales expected to reach $50 billion by 2025, we are well positioned to lead this new high-growth category.

Say hello to modern meals

Our Branded and Private Label Programs meet consumer demand for simplified meals. Our catalog includes 100+ meals that are delicious, have vitality, require minimal effort and satisfy households of all sizes.


Ready to cook

Great everyday meals that cook in as fast as 20 minutes in your oven or on the stovetop


Ready to heat

Quick and easy anytime meals that cook in 3 minutes in your microwave



Meal kits

Perfect family meals that cook in as fast as 20 minutes using your oven or stovetop



Scalable Solutions

We support the launch and longevity of your fresh meals program through thoughtful integration at every level: product design, sourcing, implementation, logistics, marketing and promotion.


Our Just-in-Time delivery is backed by logistics unrivaled within the industry.  Just-in-Time maximizes consumer experience with a fresher product as we stock meals within 24 hours of assembly. 

Reduce Shrink

Our horizontal supply model not only provides ingredient variety, but also allows us to carefully manage costs. This controlled management of raw materials facilitates speed to shelf, with focus on quality control.