• prepped, not processed

  • real food, real convenience

  • just picked, just in time

Deliver Fresh and Convenience

with FreshRealm

People today are hungry for fresh and fast. Demand for products that deliver real, preservative-free ingredients in convenient formats is sparking the fastest growing category in the food industry, one that requires a new solution: FreshRealm.

FreshRealm is an end-to-end platform that enables businesses to offer prepped perishable food products, including fully prepped meal kits, through technology enhanced supply chain management with unmatched quality and safety standards. The FreshRealm platform covers all the details: product development, ingredient supply, optimized ordering and fulfillment to both store shelves and consumer doorsteps.

End-to-End Prepped Perishable Platform

FreshRealm is the only end-to-end platform that enables businesses to bring their own line of prepped perishable products, including meal kits, to market nationwide. FreshRealm’s technology and infrastructure work continuously behind the scenes to ensure successful programs for our partners. Here’s how we do it:

FreshRealm’s manages a national supply of over 500+ fresh, prepped ingredients including commonly used cuts and measurements, which can be combined to create more than 10,000 unique recipes. FreshRealm continuously works to source new ingredients and monitors real-time weather patterns and other environmental factors to ensure supply is always consistent and available.

FreshRealm’ offers the flexibility to translate your current food products or recipes into fresher, more convenient formats. We also offer full culinary services that collaborate with existing teams or handle complete product development through our proprietary Meal Development Tool.

Order management is critical in the prepped perishable space due to short shelf life nature of fresh, preservative-free ingredients. That’s why FreshRealm has leveraged proprietary hardware and software, data analytics and machine learning to develop tools to help our partners create and manage optimized orders to minimize shrink and maximize sell through.

FreshRealm has a national infrastructure of regional, quick-turn facilities that are built for the just-in-time fulfillment required for prepped perishable products and designed to modernize the food industry supply chain.